Reroofing Your Commercial Flat Roof

June 9, 2014
Reroofing Your Commercial Flat Roof

Options to consider when re-roofing your commercial flat roof

There are many commercial flat-roofing options available in the market today for new construction or re-roofing. Each individual project is unique and may be better suited for a certain roofing system.
Several things to consider when renovating your commercial building roof:

  • Budgeting for roof construction
  • Construction of the building and the existing roof – What type of roof is currently on the building, and what is its existing condition
  • Climate – one roofing option may work in hot temperatures in Arizona, but may not work in the freezing Manitoba climate
  • Building code jurisdiction – Roofing system to be installed must comply with building codes set in the specific jurisdiction that the building is located in

Once the above decisions have been made, decision makers need to consider whether to tear off the existing roof or place new membrane over existing roof. There are then a large variety of roofing systems available to choose from and there may be many acceptable options as long as a) it is an appropriate system for the building, and b) the system is installed properly.

Urecoat offers free estimates for quoting the roof of your building. Our professionals will assist you in making the best decision for the roof of your building.

See our Roofing Page for more information on the roofing systems that Urecoat has to offer.