Closed Cell vs Open Cell Spray Foam

June 3, 2013
Closed Cell vs Open Cell Spray Foam

An important consideration when choosing a spray foam is to determine if the spray foam is open cell or closed cell. The two types of spray foam have different uses, so you should be sure you are choosing the correct type of insulation for the job. Urecoat uses both 2 lb. density closed-cell foam and 1/2 lb. density open-cell foam insulation. Both foam insulation’s can be used when insulating your building, but are used for different purposes due to their properties.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

  • Highly effective air barrier system
  • Has excellent resistance to water
  • One of the most effeient insulating materials – R-values around 6.0 per inch

Open Cell Spray Foam

  • Has R-value that is just over half that of closed-cell – R-values around 3.5 per inch
  • More permeable to moisture vapor
  • Open Cell foam should not be used in exterior applications
  • Has twice the sound resistance of closed cell spray foam